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Trillian - Combining Instant Messenging

Lately I have been getting annoyed by my friends' refusal to stick to one IM client. Some have AIM, some have MSN, some have Yahoo, and some have ICQ. So, to be able to talk to all my friends, I have to have all those instant messenger services downloaded and running. How tedious!

Enter Trillian, a free program that combines all your Instant Messenging programs into one. Just input all your seperate usernames and passwords, and then log on to Trillian. Your Buddy Lists will all be combined, and all the features of the different IM clients remain the same. I use this program all the time. I have even (for the first time EVER) uninstalled AIM on my computer. I cannot stress how much more enjoyable instant messenging has become for me since I downloaded Trillian.

Get it Now!
Posted by PU on Saturday, December 31, 2005 at 2:56 PM Post a Comment


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