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How To Make Money Online

First, set up a PayPal account. This allows for easy access to your money, and many sites offer direct deposit into your PayPal account. This is the best way to collect your earnings.

#1 - Triond is a great site that allows you to submit freelance writing on any topic you'd like. It gets reviewed, and it is either accepted or rejected. If accepted, it is published on a blog where it fits in well with the general theme. Not only can you earn money, but you can get your name out there on some relatively popular blogs. Payment is available through PayPal, Western Union, or check. I have yet to submit any articles (I publish all my writing here) but I know other bloggers who have made over a hundred dollars publishing articles here.

#2 - Moola is a new concept that let's you play games to earn money. You start out with a free penny, then play games against other users. The winner gets his money doubled, the loser goes back to one penny. In order to support itself, the site forces you to watch an ad before each game. I had about $20 before I got greedy and lost it all. The games are based on luck, but there is a skill component involved. If you can win 20 games in a row, you will have $10, 485.76. If you're good at online games, give this site a try.

#3 - If you have a blog, Smorty will pay you to write about certain products. It's not advertising, you get to write your honest opinions. For some bloggers, this fits in perfectly with the topics they already write about. Payment is based on how popular your blog is. Mike claims to have made $75.60 using this site.

#4 - eBay is an excellent way to turn items sitting around the house into quick cash. Bidders offer their highest price for your item in an auction-like format, and the highest bidder wins. Auctions can last anywhere from 3 days to a week.
Posted by PU on Wednesday, April 23, 2008 at 7:27 PM Comments (788)

6 Keyboarding Class Tricks

So we're almost halfway through school, and it's time to accumulate all the tricky tips I've accumulated for keyboarding class:

1) You can use www.cl1p.net to share work with the rest of the class. This is extremely effective if you have to copy pages 11-50 out of the textbook. You can divvy up the work and finish it in a fraction of the time.

2) Thumb drives and floppy disks can also accomplish the same task as above, but are often more risky to use, since they require passing around the disk, or else getting up and moving around the room.

3) Many schools are now using programs that allow a teacher to monitor students' computers from her own. If your computer isn't connected to the school network, it can't be monitored. You can pull out your Ethernet wire, or you could simply go to Control Panel > Network Settings, right-click the internet connection, and hit disable.

4) If your keyboarding class uses a program like CheckPro, you can often access other students' work by visiting the CheckPro application folder. You can open up these documents in Word, copy them, and simply paste them into your own.

5) In MicroType, another popular keyboarding application, some exercises don't require you to type the whole line. If you type most of the sentence, then hit enter, the program completely ignores the fact that you skipped the last few words. When your typing thousands of sentences, the time saved really adds up. If the last few words of the sentence are long words, this can also improve your GWAM (typing speed).

6) This last one doesn't just apply to keyboarding class, but that's where I use it: Sometimes, if you turn in a simple homework assignment not just late, but ridiculously late, you will get full credit when the teacher, often distracted, adds it to the grade book, instead of losing 10 points by turning it in the day after it was due. This one requires a bit of tact, and a rather aloof keyboarding teacher, but it always works for me.
Posted by PU on Thursday, December 06, 2007 at 6:25 PM Comments (4)

McDonald's Monopoly

Everyone knows about McDonald's promotional Monopoly game by now. However, most people don't know the difference between a rare piece that could be worth thousands (Tennessee Avenue) and a basically worthless piece (New York Avenue). Basically, you need to collect all the pieces in a set to win. Sets consist of 2, 3, or 4 pieces. In every set, all the pieces except for one are easy to find. It's that last piece that is incredibly rare, and insures that loads of people don't win big prizes. But how do you know if the pieces you just pulled off of you large fry are valuable or worthless? I've put together a list of the rare pieces, along with their respective prizes:




Mediterranean Avenue



Vermont Avenue



Virginia Avenue



Tennessee Avenue



Kentucky Avenue



Ventnor Avenue



Pennsylvania Avenue






Short Line



If you find that you have any of these pieces, you should search for the accompanying pieces in the set, as they will be relatively easy to find. Many are available on eBay for a few dollars. Good luck and happy hunting!
Posted by PU on Tuesday, October 02, 2007 at 4:48 PM Comments (49)

How To: Find Deleted History

When you clear your history in Internet Explorer or Firefox, it's gone forever, and no one can see it, right? Wrong.

Go to Start > Search > Files & Folders > All Files and Folders

Make sure you enable searching for hidden files and searching in subfolders, then search for files named index.dat on the C drive.

Once you find these files, you can't just open them up. You will need a special reader to view them, such as Super WinSpy.

After a quick installation, you can use it to view your index.dat files; just type in the path to the file on your hard drive, and watch your "deleted" history pop up!
Posted by PU on Wednesday, September 19, 2007 at 5:57 PM Comments (46)

A Weird Discovery

Paste this character before a line of text, and the text will automatically be written backwards. It's really weird, and I've never seen anything like it before. Any explanations? Paste this character:


and get text written like this.

Posted by PU on Monday, August 27, 2007 at 3:28 PM Comments (8)