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A Weird Discovery

Paste this character before a line of text, and the text will automatically be written backwards. It's really weird, and I've never seen anything like it before. Any explanations? Paste this character:


and get text written like this.

Posted by PU on Monday, August 27, 2007 at 3:28 PM Comments (8)

Using Your RAZR as a Mirror

This was so painfully obvious, I wondered why I had never heard the idea before: You can turn your RAZR cell phone into a mirror. Just hit the camera button like you were going to take a picture, then close the phone. The camera is still active, and you can point it at yourself and see your face on the outside display screen. This "mirror" isn't that useful for applying your makeup, but it's not bad for fixing your hair before talking to the ladies!
Posted by PU on Thursday, August 23, 2007 at 5:39 PM Comments (1)

Seven Golden Rules of Friendship

Do you know someone who is generally well liked, but seem to not have any extraordinary looks or talents? Chances are, they (whether subconsciously or intentionally) follow the following seven rules.

One. Don't talk about negatively about other people. If someone hears you talk negatively about someone else, she's going to wonder what you say about her behind her back. People will generally trust you more if you don't talk negatively about others.

Two. Don't divulge others' secrets. It may seem like a sign of trust and friendship to tell someone a secret you heard. But really, it just shows that you are a gossip at the best, and at worst it makes people reluctant to tell you anything important, for fear that you will talk about it freely. But if you make a point of never revealing others' secrets, people will confide in you.

Three. Make people feel wanted. Don't always wait for someone else to initiate contact. Rather take the initiative to call them first. Think about how good it feels to receive a phone call. When you call someone else, they associate this positive feeling with you!

Four. Be willing to change your positions and convictions. At the same time, make sure you honestly believe in what you say. When someone has the same political beliefs as me, I think that maybe we could get along. But when someone changes their political beliefs after hearing the facts, I respect them more for being intelligent and humble enough to admit that they were wrong, and to openly change their position.

Five. Don't brag. Talking modestly about your accomplishments in an appropriate situation is acceptable. However, nobody likes a braggart. Sometimes, it may seem like no one acknowledges or appreciates your accomplishments, but they do recognize them, whether or not they say anything about it. Which leads to the next rule...

Six. Pay compliments freely. Whenever you congratulate someone, or give them a compliment, they experience a positive feeling, which they will (once again) associate with you.

Seven. (This is mainly for our younger readers.) No matter how you act around your friends, act like an angel around their parents. Never talk about anything even slightly risque, and be as polite as possible, no matter what. This will encourage your friends to invite you to do things with their families, because they know you won't do anything to embarrass them. I personally saw this one work when a relatively popular kid whom I recently befriended invited me to go to Disney with his family. When I asked him why he invited me, rather than one of his more established friends, he said I was the only person he could trust not to say anything dirty around his younger sister and parents.

If you can follow these seven rules, you should have no problem making new friendships, and strengthening old ones. They may not all seem important, but all seven are more powerful than you may think.
Posted by PU on Sunday, August 19, 2007 at 5:58 PM Comments (10)

MP3 Search Engine

Instead of using Limewire, and opening up your computer to potential harm, try using the FindThatMP3 search engine to search the web for an mp3, or any other music file. This works much better than I thought it would, and it's a lot faster than Limewire, too!
Posted by PU on Friday, August 10, 2007 at 7:15 PM Comments (1)

How To: Create a Fake ID

Note: This tutorial is for academic purposes only, and should not be attempted as it may be illegal depending on your location.

Creating Front of ID
First you will need to create an ID on your computer. Linkbase has an amazing Florida drivers license Photoshop template available for download. You can make this look amazing, and all it takes is a basic grasp of Photoshop.

Creating Back of ID
Next you will need to create a back for your ID. Make sure you edit the image properties to make it the EXACT same size as the front of your ID. You will have to create the back yourself, but it is relatively simple to find a barcode online. You can use your real drivers license for inspiration. Make sure you add a "magnetic strip," which can be found by searching for a "black bar" on Google Images and resizing accordingly. I have a sample I can post if there is enough interest.

Printing Your ID
Fake IDs can be printed on photo paper or cardstock, but in order to create a profession quality ID, you need a special type of paper called Teslin. Laser printers will not print on Teslin, but most inkjet printers will work, particularly Epson printers. Make sure you print with the highest quality settings. Print the front and back images on both sides of the paper. If you decide to go with photo paper instead of Teslin, use two different sheets, then glue them together, along with a layer of cardstock in between.

Finishing Your ID
Carefully cut your ID out, and make sure you give it rounded corners. Now all that's left is to laminate it. You can get self-lamination sheets at any Staples, or you can invest in a laminator. Many models are available for under $50. One last touch many people like to give their IDs is a hologram. Excellent holograms can be purchased very cheaply here. Arcadia also has many other products to perfect the finishing process.

Using Your ID
Many people have different ideas on how to use a fake ID. Most people agree that it a good idea to keep your ID in a plastic covering in your wallet, and offer over your whole wallet if the clerk asks for ID. Also, some people like to tell the clerk to keep the change if they think she's getting suspicious. This gives her an incentive (perhaps even an unconscious one) to not question the ID.

If you have any questions, please feel free to post in the comments section. Also, remember this should not be attempted, as possession of a fake ID may be illegal depending on where you live.
Posted by PU on Tuesday, August 07, 2007 at 1:40 AM Comments (553)

How To: Hack the Razr

A few days ago, I got frustrated that my wonderful new Razr could only take 15 second videos. And if I wanted to transfer a 15-second video to my computer, I would have to pay to email it to myself. I had a regular USB wire that fit into my Razr, but I still couldn't transfer any data.

Then I found Hack the Razr!, an amazing website that has programs and tutorials for hacking/modifying the Razr. I can now take 4 minute videos, transfer them to my computer via USB, and do many other things that I didn't think were possible, including get free internet! If you have a Razr, check it out.
Posted by PU on Sunday, August 05, 2007 at 3:43 PM Comments (26)

How To: Get Around Rapidshare Wait Times

Many people use RapidShare to upload their files. When it comes time to download them, however, you have to wait 45 seconds. There is a simple way around this, however. When the screen comes up asking to select Free or Premium, paste this into the address bar and hit enter:

javascript:var counta=0;var countb=0;var countc=0;var countd=0;var counte=0;var countf=0;var countg=0;var counth=0;var counti=0;var countj=0;var countk=0;var countl=0;var countm=0;var countn=0;var counto=0;var countp=0;var countq=0;var countr=0;var counts=0;var countt=0;var countu=0;var countv=0;var countw=0;var countx=0;var county=0;var countz=0;

Then choose the free download and automatically circumvent the wait time!

You can try it out on some of the RapidShare links here.
Posted by PU on Thursday, August 02, 2007 at 8:57 PM Comments (15)

How to: Find Out Saved Firefox Passwords

Firefox is a very secure web browser, but if someone has access to your computer, they can view all your saved passwords without any special hacking skills. All they have to do is open up Firefox, and click Tools>Options>Security>Show Passwords>Show Passwords.

And now all your saved passwords are revealed, along with their respective usernames, and the websites where they apply. Go ahead and try it out on your own computer right now.