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Portable Apps - Run Programs From A USB Drive!

Portable Apps are not a new breakthrough in technology; the capability has been out there for a while. But now portable applications are taking off, and the first major portable apps have come out. So how does it work? You download the file, and then put the folder on your USB flash drive. Then, when you head over to you friend's house, you have all your programs at your fingertips. Extremely useful if you are a Firefox fan, and you have a lot of Extensions, and your library computer only has IE. The only drawback is that most free programs do not offer a portable app version. However, here are a few notables. I encourage you to check them out, and maybe put them on your flash drive.

Mozilla Firefox (web browser - better than IE!)
Mozilla Thunderbird (alternative to Outlook Express)
Mozilla Sunbird (calendar software)
Open Office (great Microsoft Office alternative)
NVU (a web editor)
Gaim (similar to Trillian)
Foxit Reader (A PDF reader)
PStart (Use this to start all your portable apps from one menu, rather than individual folders)
Posted by PU on Friday, January 06, 2006 at 2:42 PM Post a Comment


Blogger Mackenzie said...

If you convert Photoshop CS to a portable app and run it from a USB drive, it works with Linux + Wine. The last Photoshop to work installed on Linux with Crossover Office (souped up Wine) is version 6 or 7, so that could be pretty useful.

5:10 PM  

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