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Konfabulator - a.k.a. Yahoo Widget Engine 3.0

Whenever a great new idea comes out, the company is immediately bought out by a tech giant, such as Amazon or Yahoo. Konfabulator was one "great new idea." Yahoo bought the site and software and renamed it Yahoo Widget Engine 3.0, but I would have stuck with the tag Konfabulator. Anyway, Konfabulator is (or was) a great program that lets you put little interactive "widgets" on your desktop. They just sit there like icons, but they can be hidden or made transparent. Perhaps a live weather indicator, a trendy looking moon phase indictator, a card that will display your XBOX Live stats, or even an iTunes remote. Plus, users can easily create their own widgets for free with no additional software. Wow! For some examples, check out five of the thousands of widgets available here.

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