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Microsoft - Free USB Drives

Microsoft is giving out free USB drives to anyone who wants one. This is not a gimmick, nor do you have to complete any "free offers." The catch? The USB drive comes preloaded with Microsoft's propaganda. It will probably be deletable, so that's not really an issue. The issue is the size of the USB drive. I doubt that it will be greater than 32mb. But it's 100% free, so order yours today. When you order, you don't need a credit card, just the correct answers to a quiz. Here are the correct answers:

Q1. How many ways are there to obtain a full Microsoft® Windows® Desktop license?
Answer:: 2

Q2: Volume License Agreements cover Windows Desktop operating system upgrades only.
Answer: True

Q3: OEM operating system licenses are non-transferable.
Answer: True

Q4: The most cost-effective way to acquire an initial, full underlying Windows Desktop license is preinstalled.
Answer: True

Let me know how this works for you. Leave any questions in the comments section of this post.

Gimme One!
(Click "Valuable Information...Get Yours" once at the above website!)
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